Travel Tip: If your child loves Lionel Polar Express, Folkston will be an awesome side trip

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100RSZ-CSX intermodal train-Folkston Funnel

A CSX Transportation intermodal train on the main line from the Midwest and Northeast to Florida. All CSX trains entering Florida must pass through the “Folkston Funnel”.

133RESIZE-Folkston Railfan Platform-Folkston,GA

You and your family will have plenty of company in a safe, family-friendly environment.

Most railfans are well aware of the “Folkston Funnel”. In this small South Georgia city 20 miles west of Interstate 95 on Georgia Highway 40 you will find a magical place that loves and welcomes railfans. Not only is there a platform provided by the City of Folkston to watch trains (see photograph), there is plenty of free parking, plenty of railfans to talk to, a radio to listen to the train crews, a well lit safe place to watch trains at night, and a town that is very proud of its railroad heritage. If your son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandson, or granddaughter loves the Lionel Polar Express, a side trip off the Interstate would be a very rewarding, fun experience for the whole family.

Travel Hint: Folkston, Georgia is on US Highway 301- before the construction of Interstate 95 this highway was the main road for Florida vacationers. Check out the old motels and old roadside businesses to capture the feel of traveling US highways in the 1940s-1950s.

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With Model Train Sets loaded, All USA Trains product is loaded!


USA Trains G Reefer Gerber Boy. What a gift for a new Dad who loves G Scale!


USA Trains G Scale NW2 Freight Set New York Central with the “Lightning Stripes” livery.

With YourToyTrains approaching 5000 products on our ever-growing website, we are excited that we have loaded all the USA Trains product as of today, August 13th, 2014. While  we finished USA Trains, we are very excited in that manufacturers with much broader product lines are nearing completion as well. This effort by our small staff has involved- and will continue to involve- many hours of work as we finish our “Labor of Love“. However, with USA Trains completion, we have sharply increased our G Scale product. YourToyTrains will sell to all gauges! If you model in the large-size G gauge, take a look at our wonderful selection of USA Trains products. For examples I picked a Model Train Set and a Model Freight Car to provide just a few examples of USA Trains products we are selling at Have a look!

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Missing a piece of Atlas HO Track


The Atlas HO ATM281 HO Code 100 Mark IV #4 Turnout Left. Have you seen one?

I had a customer contact me regarding the Atlas HO Track Code 100 Mark IV Number 4 Turnout Left. He wanted to order this turnout, and we at YourToyTrains did not have the product in stock. From the comments of the customer, no other on line model railroad website has this product either. We at YourToyTrains are absolutely committed to outstanding customer service. Yesterday I called all the model train hobby shops in Dallas/ Fort Worth hoping to find a left switch that might still be on a shelf. I found the older Mark III Left Turnout at a hobby shop in this area, which I sent to my customer. He really wants the Mark IV, the newer version. If you have an Atlas HO Code 100 Turnout Left Mark IV you are not using, please send a message to my Blog. I will buy the product from you and then ship it to my customer. At YourToyTrains we will take customer service very seriously.

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Lionel Train Accessories? 326 choices at YourToyTrains !

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The Lionel Cab 1-L Base 1-L Command Set- $199.99. Satisfying your need to “command and control”.


Lionel Classic Billboard Set. $11.99- What could be better to enhance your Lionel World?


Lionel Operating Coaling Station- $144.99- If you operate in steam, a coaling station is a “must” for your layout.

YourToyTrains is a relatively new site. I sometimes think we should have loaded all our product first, and then taken our place on the Web. However, the excitement and pleasure of watching an excellent Web Site for you lovers of model trains being built is something I am glad we are able to share. Take our catalog of Lionel Train Accessories. Lionel has taken its legacy of 100 years of model trains and built upon it with new management and new energy.  YourToyTrains proudly offers a remarkable 326 different products on our Lionel Accessories page. Our wide range of accessories include everything from billboard sets, a working coaling station, and even a “Command and Control” (Critical for us Men!) Command Set (All pictured). We are sure a quick look at our selection of Lionel train accessories will inspire you to reach new levels of detail and complexity on your own Lionel model railroad.

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Lionel Christmas Train Sets: For your loved one who loves trains, the best Merry Christmas ever!

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Lionel Silver Bells

Lionel O Gauge Silver Bells Remote Control Train Set. $209.95 on our Lionel Train Sets Site.

Santa's Christmas Flyer Set

Lionel O gauge Christmas Flyer Set $269.75 at our Lionel Train Sets Site.

As a consumer, I don’t like the fact I see Christmas decorations being displayed on Halloween. However, it is true with many folks having large gift lists (Those Grand Kids can really add up!) some of you may feel starting your Christmas shopping early just makes sense. Lionel has an outstanding selection of Lionel Christmas train sets that will meet the needs of that special child or grandchild (or nephew or niece as well) who loves trains.  With a heritage of over 100 years in the model train business, and new owners who are committed to keeping the Lionel brand an iconic American brand, you can be sure that special someone will have years of enjoyment from a high quality train set. Last year one of my best friends bought his little Grandson a model train off this site- and I felt great to make the sale. The child was newly born, and my friend bought a train set for “Ages 2  And Up”. No worries! He will save the set until the little boy is two years old…and he bought him something else in the mean time. My friend could have returned he product…I think he wanted to make sure I got the sale. It is great to have friends!

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It would take plenty of Model Train Accessories to model Prague!

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107R-View from Prague Castle to Vltava RiverRevised

View of Prague from Prague castle. Photo taken by Clyde Smith.

Some years ago I took a vacation in Europe by Eurailpass (the train connection to this article!) which included a few days in Prague in the Czech Republic. The city is well known for its scenic beauty- remarkably it survived World War II with very little damage. A trip to Prague, especially for us big lovers of history, is a virtual trip in a time machine.  The city has street after street and neighborhood after neighborhood of beautiful buildings that make you feel like you are in the 1700s. The picture I took of the city from the heights at the Prague Castle gives some idea how beautiful this city is. With all the Woodland Scenics model train accessories I have loaded into I still don’t think I have loaded enough product to build Prague. Well, if Prague was full of 19th and 20th Century buildings Woodland Scenics would come pretty close!

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YourToyTrains Short-Term Strategies-HO Model Trains almost all loaded!

74R-Me with an Atchison, Topeka & Santa fe Railway diesel locomotive-The Oklahoma Railway Museum-Oklahoma City,OK-Revised

Clyde Smith, Owner and President of YourToyTrains, enjoying a day at the Oklahoma Railway Museum in Oklahoma City. Where else would I be?!

Folks- I have loaded over 4000 products into While almost all HO Model Trains products are now loaded, the bulk of product to be loaded is in the Woodland Scenics and Bachmann product lines, where I   am loading the remaining product as fast as I can. Once loaded, the following actions will be taken to make YourToyTrains fully consumer ready:

1) The Home Page will be revised to include more manufacturers and more gauges to select. Excessive additional content will be avoided for clarity.

2) Product on the Home Page will be grouped by gauge, manufacturer, and type of product (locomotive, freight cars, etc.) to make navigation very easy.

3) A Site Map will be added to allow for quick navigation.

4) I will make sure the “Search” Tool is activated and functioning.

Next Big Project: It will take months, but every product description will be customized with original text. If the information is included by the manufacturer, I will include it!

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The beautiful J Class- A Classic available in our HO Scale Trains line-up of outstanding products

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You can find this beautiful J Class steam locomotive along with 69 other locomotive choices at Bachmann HO Locomotives.

The J Class streamlined locomotive, designed and built by Norfolk & Western Railway employees at their Roanoke Shops, was arguably the most beautiful locomotive ever to run on an American railroad. Built from 1941-1950 in the twilight of steam, Norfolk & Western could employ over a 100 years of knowledge and skill to enable such an outstanding machine to be developed. The J Class was built in the “streamlined” very modern design of the period (Art Deco had swept the nation in the 1930s and looking sleek, well, “stream-lined” was very cool at that time). With the beautiful streamlined design Norfolk & Western had these wonderful J Class locomotives pull their fast “limited” passenger trains, including the Norfolk to Cincinnati “Powhatan Arrow“, the pride of the fleet. Bachmann Trains has captured in their HO Scale Train J Class locomotive found in the YourToyTrains Bachmann HO Locomotive catalog the spirit of these very inspiring locomotives so revered by many railroaders. As part of Bachmann’s Spectrum (TM)  line you can expect the highest quality, attention to detail, and complete accuracy the model railroad community has come to expect from Bachmann Trains. We now have over 4,000 products at YourToyTrains. Take a look at what we are building!

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We love toy trains! And we love the bridge is back!

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Westbound Union Pacific Railroad intermodal train rolls through Terrell, Texas, at track speed


Bridges, such as this new road bridge in Terrell, allow some fantastic camera angles. Note this picture captures the entire train

I live in the Dallas/ Fort Worth, Texas, Metroplex. One of my favorite rail lines to railfan is the Union Pacific Railroad main line from Marshall to Fort Worth. This line receives a lot of rail traffic. In Marshall, Texas, routes from the Midwest and Southeast converge, and at Big Sandy, Texas, Union Pacific Railroad’s bidirectional routes to the Midwest meet for the home stretch to Dallas/Fort Worth. All these merging rail routes mean plenty of rail traffic between Marshall and Fort Worth, and one can see the importance of this route by looking at how much money Union Pacific is spending to improve it. However, just like we love toy trains we love real trains- and at Grand Saline, Texas, an old county road crossed the Union Pacific Railroad main line on an old wooden bridge. Bridges over railroad lines are very special as the photographic perspective of the train from above makes for some great pictures. Alas, the old county road wooden bridge has been removed. Recently in Terrell, Texas, on this same busy route, a new road bridge has opened just east of the downtown area. Now there is a bridge to watch trains again! Very cool!

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Memories From Bachmann Trains

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Pennsylvania Railroad’s classic beautifully designed Bachmann O Semiscale GG1 electric locomotive found in YourToyTrains Catalog:

One of the pleasures about loving trains and being a bit older is the memories I have. My Dad was in the United States Army (Thanks, Dad, for serving your country for 27 years!) and we moved quite a bit. In the summer of 1966 we moved to Aberdeen, Maryland. Aberdeen was on the main line of the Pennsylvania Railroad between New York and Washington, now referred to as the “Northeast Corridor”, which now serves as Amtrak’s New York-Washington Main Line. From 1966 to 1968 I was able to observe many, many Pennsylvania Railroad GG1 electric locomotives moving passenger and freight trains down that very busy route. Bachmann Trains  has captured the image of these very famous locomotives with their O Scale GG1 found in our Bachmann O Scale Catalog. This beautiful model captures with accuracy and attention to detail these proud and powerful locomotives which for many years of the 20th Century ruled Pennsylvania Railroad’s electrified main lines. With a Bachmann O Scale GG1, those electric locomotives can continue to rule your own “Pennsylvania Railroad”.

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