Atlas N Scale: So many choices! This is cool!

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1400883391397285890838At YourToyTrains, we continue the process of building our site, which is at this point mainly adding inventory. We must be nearing 4000 products loaded so far, and the end of the loading process is in sight. With Woodland Scenics and Bachmann Trains having such large product selections we still have  a ways to go to have a complete store. But not to worry! In our Atlas N Scale, we have 85 choices of diesel, steam , and electric locomotives to choose from. The locomotive pictured  I selected because it is a historic GP9 with the old Burlington (Pre Chinese Red) livery. It is just one of many roads featured in our catalog. For all those locomotive choices, we had better have been keeping up on freight cars. Wow! So far 133 different freight cars from many roads have been loaded  in our Atlas N Scale Catalog.  Again we selected a road with a rich heritage but alas no longer in business, New England’s historic Rutland Railroad, to show just one of the many freight cars we have in stock. We have been very busy at Please check out our work!1403207069277343506078

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Bachmann HO Train Sets with Civil War themes

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Bachmann HO Union Army Civil War Train Set


Bachmann Confederate Army HO Train Set

As an avid reader of history, I have just been reading all my books- and I have many- on the American Civil War. While this war, like most wars, was tragic and very destructive,  it seemed like due to the nature of Mankind the American People reached a point where decisions had to be made by the sword. I am a Southerner by birth and I prefer to live in the South, but I thank God every day the Boys (Er, Men) in Blue stood up and fought to keep this nation united. I take nothing away from the Southern soldiers who fought for right as they saw it.  Ironically, I think time has shown the South has done quite well as part of the United States.  The heritage of that time period is fascinating, and we still live with the legacies- both good and bad- from that tragic war.  I am grateful  there are Bachmann HO Train Sets that commemorate both the North and South. These sets could be very helpful in aiding your little railroader in understanding that great cataclysmic event.

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Like Lionel O Scale Trains, railroads are back, bigger than ever before!

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I am old enough to remember the 1960s and the 1970s, when the Eastern railroads were going bankrupt and every railroad to some extent was experiencing trouble. Even mighty iconic railroads like Union Pacific, Santa Fe, and Southern Pacific were diversifying to “lessen the cyclical impact of the railroad industry”. Some railroads, such as Illinois Central and Chicago & North Western, diversified to the point the railroad that started the company was kicked out of the conglomerate the railroad started. The big issue was the low rate of return of the railroad industry. Fast forward to 2014, and look at the railroad world now! Like Lionel, maker of Lionel O Scale Trains, that also faced a bankruptcy but has risen to be successful once again, the railroad industry is back. Note the photograph of a BNSF Railway train. And who owns BNSF Railway? Many of you know BNSF is owned by Warren Buffett, who saw railroads as a growth investment opportunity. The railroad has justified Mr. Buffett’s confidence- it is a very successful part of his Berkshire Hathaway  corporate family. How much times have changed! At YourToyTrains, we just love this story!69-BNSF Railway intermodal train with BNSF Heritage colors crossing O'Neil Street in Alvord,TXXXX

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With so many model trains, a new strategy at


Atlas HO Master GE U30B in Frisco’s very cool orange and white livery. What a memory!

We have been loading product at a feverish pace on, and we are rapidly approaching the 4000 mark on products loaded. With the huge line-up of model trains from manufacturers like Atlas and Lionel, and the huge product line of Woodland Scenics, we daresay you could build an entire model railroad with just this one website…and of course that is what we want you to do. To make it as user friendly as possible, we are going to enable our shoppers to open product pages either by manufacturer, gauge, and even type of product (HO Locomotives, Scenery , etc.). Enough product has now been loaded so that we can determine logical categories that will be helpful to you, the consumer. We only have about 25% of our product left to load. Working very hard, we still expect another 2 weeks or so to finish this important step. We will not push our marketing effort until all product is loaded. I am in shock about all the cool product we have to sell!

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Parade In Edmond: Like YourtoyTrains Parade of Bachmann HO Locomotives

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156x-Military Order of the Purple Heart proudly ride down Broadway Avenue in Edmond

The Military Order of the Purple Heart at the Edmond, OK, LibertyFest Parade. The honor and sacrifice of these men, and many others like them , have guarded our freedom.

Over the Independence Day Weekend I travelled to the Oklahoma City, OK, area to spend my Fourth of July. I knew the LibertyFest Parade in Edmond (an Oklahoma City suburb), was a bid deal, and it sure was a big deal. What a wonderful parade! I often travel alone to watch all my trains, and I was alone on this holiday weekend. The folks in Oklahoma are really good people. Not only did I have the chance to watch the parade with a Mom and her two daughters (The daughters were married adults, not kids!), but I was even invited to visit their home for “burgers” on the afternoon of the 4th. I found the hospitality truly dazzling. Well, I have my own parade on YourToyTrains, with a parade of Bachmann HO locomotives.  Note BNSF Railway, whose Kansas City-Fort Worth Main Line goes through Edmond, had a little “parade’ of their own going on. It was quite a big day in Edmond!


187X-BNSF Railway northbound intermodal train crossing main Street in Downtown Edmond,OK

BNSF Railway northbound intermodal train “parading” through Edmond

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Why do I work so hard on my website selling Bachmann train sets?

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1401398007572527800120Folks, I am Clyde Smith, Owner of I have been blessed in my life in many ways. I have a good family, a nice home, I live in the city I love, and I believe there are things in this world greater than I am (Spiritual things). I was able to enjoy a long and successful career in the private sector and a second career in public service as a teacher. I have a retirement income and a health care plan that makes it possible for me to live comfortably at 60 years old without a full time job. As you can see if you follow my photographs, I have had the opportunity to travel through most of the United States, Canada, and parts of Europe as well. Like I said, I am blessed. But every morning I wake up at 6:30AM and spend around 9-10 hours a day adding product and building I am not motivated by money. I have more than enough money to meet my needs. I am selling Bachmann Train Sets because it is giving me the chance to build something of my own and be my legacy.  As the site develops into the site I plan it to be I also want to serve the model railroad community with the widest possible product line, with very competitive prices (I don’t need much of a profit margin! I don’t need the money!!), and a site extremely well-organized for easy shopping (the teacher in me craves excellent organization). Please look at my site as I continue to work long hours on something I love very much. Why the Southern Railway locomotive? I loved the Southern Railway, and Norfolk Southern is still my favorite railroad. My Dad was in the Army, and we lived all over the US and Germany as well. Visiting my Aunt and Uncle in Kings Mountain, North Carolina, was one physical address I could come back to and find a familiar home. And also the main line of the Southern Railway just behind my Uncle’s house. That train love affair started in the 1960s. It continues today.

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I find a Lionel fan who might want a Lionel Christmas Train Set

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I live down here in Texas which is my favorite state. I just can’t help loving Texas. But I am glad our neighbor to the north is Oklahoma. There is much to see and very wonderful, friendly people in the Great State of Oklahoma. On a trip this past weekend I was visiting the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge near Lawton, OK. I chose to walk the Kite Trail at the recommendation of the kind staff at the Visitor’s Center. On the trail I met some fine folks from Lawton- the son modeled Lionel and MTH “O” Scale. I gave him a card, and told him I would give him a great deal on any product he wanted. Maybe he will pick a locomotive or freight car. Or maybe even a Lionel Christmas Train Set. These fine folks showed me the path to the Forty Foot Hole Falls. I am sure a quick look at the picture- which hardly does this work of God justice- will show you this was truly a beautiful place to visit. Enjoy Oklahoma! IMGxxx_7470

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This post will have nothing to do with Bachmann HO Train Sets or trains

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BNSF Railway manifest freight train rolling west through a rock cut on the busy Transcon Line near Seligman, AZ – just off Historic US Highway 66. I just love this country! I really do!

A few days ago  I had dinner in the Terra Restaurant in Irving, Texas. If you live in greater Dallas the food at the Mediterranean restaurant is truly amazing (Plug is without financial remuneration). My young waiter tonight was attending the University of North Texas. His plan was to become a doctor. The young man had been born in Peru but had come to the United States at an early age. His Mom and Dad, wanting a better life for their children, decided to leave Peru to a new country- our country. I got the impression the young man’s Dad was a professional person of some stature in Peru. In a new society he is now working two jobs and slowly “working his way up”. I assured the young waiter his Dad was repeating the immigrant experience going back generations in this country, when early English, Scottish, German, African-Americans, and other European people first carved homes in the wilderness. They too left some degree of comfort looking for a better life. Most found hard work, a tough frontier life, and plenty of hardship. But they and their descendants built this country. And these new Peruvian immigrants will help build this country as well. I do need to mention Bachmann Ho Train Sets, and from a very patriotic American I wish you all a safe and happy Independence Day!

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Gordon Thomas Train products are featured at our Thomas by Lionel site.

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If you are looking for a toy train for your son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandson or granddaughter, wouldn’t it be nice to have many gift ideas in one shopping location? Look no further. At we have a site just for you. You can find your Gordon Thomas Train items at our Thomas by Lionel site.  Whether you are looking for a Thomas The Tank Engine train set, Percy or James, or perhaps a Thomas locomotive- you will find many choices in our online store. So grab that cup of coffee, sit in your favorite chair, and browse our catalog for that perfect gift. Then imagine the wide eyes and the face of joy when your little one is delighted by a Thomas The Tank Engine product. I just can’t think of a better way to let your Little Toy Trainer know you love him! Children have been receiving toy train gifts for over 100 years. And they still love them!


Lionel Thomas and Friends Remote Control Train Set (O Gauge)


Lionel Thomas James Remote Control Set

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Just like with Model Train Scenery, Arkadelphia has rebuilt itself.

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I have said how much I love to travel, and living in Texas I have made quite a few trips to beautiful neighboring Arkansas, The Natural State. Just like if your layout and all your model train scenery  crashed to the floor, a few years ago the pretty little city of Arkadelphia, Arkansas, rebuilt itself after severe destruction. The city had major damage by a tornado that went right through the downtown. I knew Arkadelphia would rebuild its downtown. That’s the way we Americans are. Knock us down. We get back up. But the city fathers took the time to rebuild the charm and character of their downtown back. I think that was very cool. I even think some of the reconstruction has enabled Arkadelphia to have an even nicer downtown than before the tornado. That’s the way the American People are.

96A-Union Pacific(ex Missouri Pacific)stack train charging north at speed

A Union Pacific Railroad stack train hustles north near Arkadelphia, Arkansas.

119-Downtown Arkadelphia,AR070209

Some downtown Arkadelphia buildings that survived the Tornado. The city fathers did a fine job bringing charm back to the downtown.

I couldn’t help slip in a Union Pacific Railroad  stack train operating on their busy North Little Rock- Fort Worth Main Line just outside Arkadelphia which sees fairly heavy freight traffic. Arkadelphia is also an Amtrak stop. Enjoy this lovely Arkansas city!

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