With last roadbed items added, O Gauge Track is all loaded into YourToyTrains.com

After a very long process, YourToyTrains is nearing the complete loading of all the product into our website. Of course railroad track is not very authentic without roadbed, and to make our O Gauge Track Category complete we just added about fifteen new products in the “Roadbed” section. Over the months our staff has been very busy, and they have worked without too much complaint working their fingers to the bone trying to keep up with a relentless driving management…oh, I’m sorry, that would be me! I would say our staff has been lead with a gentle but firm hand and despite long hours and little pay our staff at YourToyTrains has soldiered on. From a management point of view, that is exactly how it is.


Atlas O-36 Left Hand Switch Roadbed. Just $4.79 at YourToyTrains. Inexpensive because it is the Roadbed only! Track is sold separately! But you need Roadbed.


Atlas O 90 Degree Crossing Roadbed. For $4.79, all you would expect would be the roadbed. And that is what you get!

Did we save these Roadbed items to the very end because they are so cheap? Could anyone think we are mercantile enough to load the most expensive items first? I guess you will never know. Nevertheless, Roadbed items are in our catalog. That is what really matters. Happy shopping!

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YourToyTrains is now researching key words to boost traffic!


The Woodland Scenics N Scale Built N’ Ready Drive N’ Dine. $55.95 on YourToyTrains Woodland Scenics site. Soon using key words you can find what you want, and find it fast!

10-BNSF Railway westbound (South through Central Kansas) intermodal train approaching the Meyers Lane Bridge north of El Dorado,KS090914REV

Myers Lane just north of El Dorado, Kansas, is the perfect spot for a great shot of a BNSF Railway intermodal train on the Transcon.

Say you are looking for a Woodland Scenics’ N Scale Built N Ready Drive N Dine Structure on YourToyTrains right now. Easy, right? Not so fast…Right now, without proper key words you will search long and hard to find this wonderful item on our website. However, our team is researching Key Wordswe will add the key words most often entered when someone is searching for a Woodland Scenics’ Built N’ Ready Structure, and presto- YourToyTrains will take you exactly to the item you are searching for.

It reminds me of a trip I just took to Kansas. I was in El Dorado, on the BNSF Railway very busy Transcon Line. How hard could it be to find a place to watch trains? As it turns out, El Dorado is on the Walnut River, and the busy main line is on bridges all through the city. Not so good for photography. Using my Iphone, I found Meyers Lane north of the city had an overpass over the railroad. Soon I find this bridge where I get this great shot of a BNSF Railway westbound intermodal train rolling across the Great Plains. With just a little technology, I can zero in on just the spot I need to be at for a great photo opportunity. Can we expect anything less from YourToyTrains? I don’t think so.

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TheToyTrain Blog cuts loose in a new direction….

Posted on November 5, 2014 · Posted in Love of trains, News From YourToyTrains.com

My name is Clyde Smith. I am the owner of YourToyTrains.com. I have been using this Blog Site to promote my website, YourToytrains.com. A professional web marketing company I am working with has explained to me, still a bit of a Internet marketing novice, that these links are ineffective at best, and may be hurting my site in Google’s eyes as well.  However, I love to write and I will continue to Blog away on TheToyTrainBlog.com. I do love history and now am free to not reference my web site with every post so I can now diversify my topics. My love of history, especially American history, and my deep love of all things trains will drive this Blog Site moving forward.


Clyde Smith, Owner of YourToyTrains, with “General A. P. Hill” at the meeting of the Civil War Roundtable in Dallas, Texas. If history is involved, I, Clyde Smith, will be there!

I have had friends tell me they have posted comments on this Blog, but I have never seen one. All my “comments” are from European and American clothiers trying to hustle clothing, perfumes, and high end market jewelry plus NFL attire….somehow I am a big target for mindless spanners. If you have been reading this Blog please respond with a “Comment”. If you are reading this Blog, as I am not sure comments are making this Blog so please also EMail me at clysmith66@verizon.net or call me at 972-768-0951. I would love to hear from you!

-Clyde Smith

President and Owner


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So Many HO Scale Trains…So Hard To Find….

YourToyTrains busy and underpaid staff has spent many hours loading thousands of model train products into our new web site. If you model in Atlas, Bachmann, Lionel, MTH, USA Trains, or Woodland Scenics chances are you will find exactly what you are looking for on our exciting model train online store. But finding the HO Scale model train product of your dreams on our site is not easy…and we are working to fix that, right now! In Step 1 of our site rebuilding process, we have restructured our store with logical product divisions. Our goal will be to have you be able to see all the products, from every manufacturer, by gauge and type of product exactly as you would see them in a “real” store. Hey, we are a real store! We’re just on line!


Bachmann HO Santa Fe Flyer Set. A wonderful value at $89.99. How do we make our site so we can be found? We are at work right now!


Atlas HO Silver GE 8-40CW DCC Ready BNSF Heritage Locomotive. $109.95 at YourToyTrains.com. We want you as our customer to quickly find our products when you search the Web.

Anyway, the next step of this process is to identify key words the model railroad community uses when online hobbyists actually look up products to buy. The difference between “HO Model Engines” and “HO Model Locomotives” sounds small, but depending on the words used traffic can change by hundreds of clicks. Call us greedy or call us wanting to serve your needs- we can’t serve your needs if you can’t find us!- this process we call Step 2 will be completed in the next 10 days. Soon we will debut a site that will be very easy to shop on and intuitive when you insert “key” words, which we all do every day when we search the web for, well, anything. Please be patient. The wait will be very much worth it. We promise.

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Just like YourToyTrains Model Train Sets, it does not get any better than this!

Posted on October 25, 2014 · Posted in Discovering America, Lionel trains, Love of trains, Travel Ideas/Tips

You know that special feeling you get when you buy your son or grandson their first model train set, or when you open up that package with that model locomotive or freight car you have been waiting for that will make your model railroad complete. With a twinge of pride and thankfulness you tell yourself “It does not get any better than this!”  When I am in the right place at the right time train-watching, I experience that feeling as well. It is July 30, 2011. I had attended a conference in Phoenix, Arizona, and was now following the Union Pacific Railroad Sunset Route to Los Angeles (Southern Pacific for you “SP” fans!). Approaching Yuma, I left Old US 80 (Unfortunately Interstate 8 at this point) to follow a county road that paralleled the railroad. At US Highway 95 I turned south towards Yuma, stopping on a grade crossing on a side road off this major highway.

226Revised-Union Pacific Railroad intermodal train charging west-Fortuna Road grade crossing

Union Pacific Railroad intermodal train rolling west towards the Los Angeles Basin at track speed. Just north of Yuma, Arizona. It just doesn’t get any better than this.

I would wait 30 minutes to see if I could get some train pictures here. I can’t believe it! Off to the north, with rugged mountains in the distance, I see the faint lights of a train! Union Pacific is gracing my presence with a freight train! As the huge powerful locomotives close in on me at maybe 70 miles per hour, I go into action…My Canon digital Rebel X3 goes to work and I take the train at every possible angle I can. Just for that moment, I am a boy again waking up Christmas morning to that long-awaited toy. It does not get any better than this. It really doesn’t. 

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How will you know YourToyTrains has this freight car in our Atlas HO Inventory?

How do you know we have the Atlas HO Trainman 70 Ton Hopper Car Central of Georgia in our Atlas HO inventory? We will have it on our Atlas HO Freight Cars Page (And soon HO/ HO Freight Car/ HO Hopper Car Page in our easier new site plan) Website! I came from a major corporation where in my career I was an inventory manager for a number of years. I believed my new YourToyTrains catalog should have every product on it we could possible sell, even if we were temporarily out of stock. It did not hit me if the customer ordered the item and there was no inventory, that would be annoying. In order to have the least overhead and the least expenses (to pass the savings to our customers!) we cannot have a “real time” inventory/ order processing system. However, we can, and we will, take every product on our website that has no inventory off our website, and add the item back in only when the item is received at our warehouse.


How do you know this Atlas HO Central of Georgia HO hopper car is actually available for purchase? It will be on our Website!

We value our customers and will not compromise on service. To the customer we inconvenienced (and helped us see we had a problem that needed fixing!) we offered that gentleman a $50.00 credit on any item on YourToyTrains.com. We will have the most customer-friendly Website among the online train hobby shops. We will not rest until we become the most customer friendly. Just watch us!

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They said it couldn’t be done: Bachmann Trains is all loaded into YourToyTrains.com!

They said it couldn’t be done. Er, maybe that was me who said it couldn’t be done when our team started loading all the Bachmann product into our website YourToyTrains.com. If you are model railroad hobbyist, you are well aware Bachmann has a tremendous amount of inventory. We are proud of our huge selection of Bachmann Trains that can meet virtually all your needs in building your dream model railroad. If you model with Bachmann in any gauge, please take a look at our site and see all the wonderful choices of products we have. Don’t forget Bachmann has a wide selection of Thomas The Tank Engine products as well.


Bachmann HO USRA 2-10-2 Steam Locomotive in Southern Railway livery. A very beautiful engine if you model the early 20th Century Down South. $139.95.


Bachmann HO Commander Diesel Freight Set- Santa Fe- 2 locomotives can be operated at once. How cool is that? $309.95.

In our last push to completely load Bachmann, two of the last-to-be-loaded products are featured on our Blog Site just to give you a little taste.

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We are grateful for our wide range of Bachmann Freight Cars, And To Be Blessed With Life, Period

555-Me with the Norfolk Southern and CSX where they meet by the Historic Stevenson Depot-Stevenson,ALRevised

Mr. Clyde Smith on an adventure in Alabama at historic Stevenson where CSX and Norfolk Southern share main routes. Mr. Smith has travelled over most of North America and parts of Europe to find trains. He just can’t get enough!

53-Interior of Union StationRevised

Half a Continent away, Mr. Clyde Smith of YourToyTrains.com is admiring the beauty of the Union Station in El Paso, Texas. Just where will he turn up next? He loves this stuff!

We at YourToyTrains are very proud of the work we are doing to build our new website. Living the American Dream, hours of planning and labor are being rewarded with a soon to debut all new website. We are grateful we could build our business in a country where freedom and free enterprise allow an ordinary guy like our President, Clyde Smith, to build a business. While literally hundreds if not thousands of man-hours have been involved, the wide range of product we sell, including a fantastic assortment of Bachmann Freight Cars, makes all our time worth it. We have already been focusing on serving customers, which we feel is the best way to support making money. We have sent our staff to area hobby shops to buy an item on backorder for a customer who desperately needed it in Michigan, and for another customer in Florida we rushed an item to him for a Halloween display for his grandkids. We love serving customers!

It is because our President, Clyde Smith, has had a love affair with trains going all the way back about 50 years, that drives our passion. As we have added the many items we have to our growing website, we see Mr. Smith’s face light up with his memories about each road name and each piece of equipment we load. In the two pictures displayed here we see our fearless leader at the historic depot in Stevenson, Alabama, where CSX and Norfolk Southern main lines share trackage on a rail line vital in the Civil War. Half way across the country we see him at the restored Union Station in El Paso, Texas, admiring the fine job bringing this wonderful building back to life. Are we passionate at YourToyTrains? Look at the pictures. They tell our story.

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New Website Enhancement will make comparing Bachmann HO Train Sets Easier to Compare On Different Websites


The top of the line Bachmann HO Overland Limited Freight Train Set. Look at the bottom of the product page for the Catalog Number of this product in bold blue type. $289.99. Catalog Number BAC614.

YourToyTrains has announced another way to make our online model railroad hobby shop just a little bit easier to shop on. We all know railroading- and model railroading- is a game of numbers. Locomotives are numbered. Freight cars and passenger cars are numbered. Every item of value needs to be numbered for tracking and good order. Our web site can be no different. Effective October 15, 2014, when loading product YourToyTrains staff will be adding, in bold blue type on the bottom of each product page, the catalog number for each product we sell. For example, the Bachmann HO Overland Limited Freight Train Set now has the item number, BAC614, right on the product page. If you are shopping for a Bachmann HO Train Set, you will be able to compare the product on YourToyTrains against any other online model train marketer by simply comparing the Catalog Number. This number will also make it much easier to reference the product at the Manufacturer’s Website, and also a convenient point of reference when speaking to YourToyTrains highly competent order team. It is a simple and easy step, but I am sure you the shopper will easily appreciate this new enhancement. Enjoy your shopping!

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Model railroad trains: Think safety at all Times

At YourToyTrains.com we are proud of our name, which is easy to remember and is “catchy”, and we proudly sell a large selection of model railroad trains for the little boys and girls that continue to fall in love with this wonderful hobby. A quick look at our Bachmann and Lionel sites- where Thomas, Chuggington, and Polar Express are everywhere to be seen, and you will  know we love kids! However, our model train store was always to be about “toys” for grownups as well…and we have a huge selection for those men and women who may be “grownup” but still love this wonderful hobby.


The Lionel Pacific Type 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive. New York Central. $379.99. A fine “toy” if you are a teenager or above…not so much for little railroaders.


Lionel Thomas Diesel Remote Control Set. #189.95. A train designed for your little railroader. Designed for safe play. But only after your little boy or girl are 8 or older. Use common sense!

In loading our product into our site we have seen many manufacturer’s warnings like “For Years 8 And Up” or “Choking Hazard”. As a reminder, if you have a model layout and you have transformers and other electrical equipment, small items like figures or telephone poles and such, or any other item that if it fell into the wrong little hands could be a hazard, secure your model train layout! If you have given your child one of our wonderful products such as the Lionel Thomas Diesel Remote Control Set- great! Let the little ones have their fun. But model railroad products such as the Lionel Pacific 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive are “toys” for adults. So as a friendly reminder, always play it safe when playing with your model trains. Use good judgment and common sense. And enjoy your model railroad!

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