YourToyTrains completes the loading of all Lionel product: Bachmann N Locomotives are next!


Bachmann 4-4-0 American Type Steam Locomotive Baltimore & Ohio. Most commonly used locomotive in the US in the 19th Century. $89.95 on our Bachmann N Locomotive Webpage.


Very cool Amtrak Acela Spectrum locomotives from Bachmann. N Scale at its finest. $99.95 on our Bachmann N Locomotives Webpage.


Bachmann N EMD SD45 in Santa Fe blue and yellow “Warbonnet” paint scheme. Is there a greater railroad to model? That is a rhetorical question!

Lionel now joins MTH Electric Trains, USA Trains, and Woodland Scenics in the elite group of manufacturers we have finished loading all product into our retail online catalog. Lionel has a huge selection of product, mainly in O Gauge, featuring a huge variety of locomotives, freight cars, passenger cars, track, and accessories. If you are looking for Lionel product, YourToyTrains has the selection you need to complete your model train layout. While Bachmann also sells O Gauge, the huge Bachmann product line includes HO and N Gauge as well. Bachmann product is mostly loaded at this point. We are putting the finishing touches on Bachmann N Locomotives- we have 35 different models to choose from but will be adding several more. Look at just a few items from our huge catalog of Bachmann N Scale product!

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Modeling your Atlas Trains layout: You may want a “Wide Open Spaces’ look

2REV-BNSF Railway unit coal train heading east

BNSF Railway eastbound coal train crossing the Plains on its journey to a Texas electricity generating station. Picture taken near Bowie, Texas, on BNSF’s Denver-Fort Worth Main Line.

150REV-BNSF eastbound intermodal speedster-Fargo,OK

BNSF Railway intermodal train storms east across the Great Plains near Fargo, Oklahoma. With our large railroad network and vast open spaces photo opportunities like this one are nearly endless.

As I have said many times, I launched the website because I love trains. Once per month I select a location within 100 miles of Dallas/ Fort Worth to go train-watching. I also take trips all over the United States and Canada photographing main rail lines and railroad action. I just love this stuff! I used to live in the Philadelphia area- a city I love very much. I would drive out to the Reading area for pictures of the ConRail Main Line (Now Norfolk Southern), and Northeast Corridor photos at such places as Perryville, Maryland, could be quite dramatic. The hills, valleys, and farms of the East may fit your Atlas trains layout idea quite well.

  But don’t forget the prairies of the Southwest! I often hear there is not much beauty to the land here in Texas. Yes, we don’t have Denver’s Rockies or Seattle’s Puget Sound but I would argue the sublime beauty of our open prairies is a very special kind of beauty. Just look at these scenes out here on the Plains I have come to love.

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YourToyTrains will be reorganizing our Site Map to allow quick access to Christmas Train Sets


Lionel O Gauge Tenth Anniversary Polar Express Set. $399.95. Look for a new “Polar Express” subcategory under “Lionel For Kids” coming soon.


Lionel O Gauge Polar Express Freight Set. $299.95. Everything you need for your Little Railroader. All in one package!

YourToyTrains will be completely restructuring our site to make navigation as intuitive and easy as possible. We have engaged an outside web design company who has provided us a logical format we are very excited about. That process is in the early stages…and with over 5,000 products it will take time to complete the process. In the meantime, we will restructure our Lionel site with some less grand but helpful improvements. “Polar Express” including the wonderful Christmas train sets displayed here are grouped under the category “Trains At Christmas!”  We will set up a “Lionel for Kids” Category with subcategories for Thomas The Tank Engine and Polar Express. With the popularity of these two product lines it just makes sense to group them together so you can find that special loved one that very special gift without any navigation drudgery. Look for more changes as YourToyTrains builds our new website logically and step by step.

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YourToyTrains offers 71 Model Train Track Products on Now-Completed MTH Trains Page!


MTH Electric Trains O Gauge Realtrax 3.5″ Track Section. $3.50 in our catalog. Browse our 71 product choices in MTH O Scale Track!


MTH O Gauge Realtrax 072 Switch Right. Available in our catalog. $79.99. YourToyTrains has every track item you need to build your dream model railroad.

YourToyTrains diligent and overworked staff has added yet another model train manufacturer to our growing list of completed product lines. Joining USA Trains and Woodland Scenics is MTH Electric Trains, with its specialty being O Gauge items. Our online virtual store offers many MTH products- locomotives, freight cars, and accessories- our MTH Model  Train Track Page (“O” Gauge) includes 71 different products . We have every product in our catalog you will need to build a new layout from scratch or add that turnout or crossing that you have been waiting to add. We offer our products at competitive prices- of course with our small overhead we will always beat the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price, and will be competitive with any other model trains store on the web. Take a look at our MTH Catalog. Browse the many items we carry. At YourToyTrains we offer so many products the only limit to your layout is your own imagination.

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A drive west of Dallas on US Highway 67 is a wonderful day trip- It will inspire your collection of train table accessories

Posted on September 19, 2014 · Posted in Discovering America, Train-watching for Kids, Travel Ideas/Tips, Woodland Scenics
19-The Berry Home on Washington Street-Stephenville-The only building not moved to the museum siteREV

Nucleus of the Stephenville Museum: The Berry Home on Washington Street really turned the heads of locals when Confederate veteran Mr. Berry built this very nice home in the 1860s

8REV-Cabinet contains samples of women's shoes from the late 19th-early 20th Century

Display of women’s fashions and shoes is a great way to help your kids visualize life in the 19th Century.

Us folks at YourToyTrains love to travel…and we love to give suggestions on drives or trips you can take.  If you live or are visiting the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, a beautiful highway is US Highway 67 west of Cleburne, Texas. In what may be considered the northern edge of the Hill Country, the drive is through open wooded country with plenty of hills that often afford gorgeous views of wide open spaces. The views are inspiring and can give you some great ideas for train table accessories. Of course the beautiful little city of Glen Rose is on this highway, as is the Dinosaur Valley State Park and the famous Fossil Rim Nature Center- a wildlife park where African animals roam free on a privately owned preserve you can drive through with your family. A nice ending point would be Stephenville, Texas. The city has a nice museum- The Stephenville Museum, where buildings from Erath County including a church, school, and early cabins have joined a beautiful home. The museum offers your kids an excellent view of the hardships of living in rural Texas in the 19th Century…and may gain them an appreciation for all the comforts they have. The day I was there a Mr. Scott was kind enough to give a tour to me and  my family that was very interesting and informative. For the return drive, I would suggest taking FM 8 west to Desdemona, Texas- the “Lingleville Road” in Stephenville- then north on Texas Highway 16 to Strawn where if your kids love trains you can watch main line action on Union Pacific Railroad. Travel Tip: Near the museum on Washington Street is Jake and Dorothy’s Café, in business at its original location since the 1940s. In Strawn the Mary’s Café also serves down-home Texas food, and has diners come from all over the region. Enjoy a day trip in Texas!

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Mrs. Martha Moreland: Outstanding Amtrak employee worthy of a Thomas The Train Set for her grandchildren

Posted on September 18, 2014 · Posted in Bachmann trains
6-Martha Moreland wins a well-deserved award from Amtrak-Sign posted inside the Amtrak DepotREV

The cover of Amtrak’s “Southwest Division News” I photographed at the Amtrak Depot in Mineola is hard to read. The main story is Mrs. Martha Moreland won the Amtrak President’s Service and Safety Award. Very cool!

I recently took a day trip to watch trains in Mineola, Texas. Mineola is about 80 miles east of Dallas via US Highway 80. The main east-west rail line of the Union Pacific Railroad from the Midwest and Southeast to Texas, Mexico, and the West Coast passes through this small city. Mineola is also a station stop for the Amtrak ‘Texas Eagle”. On my many visits to Mineola I have had the pleasure to get to know Mrs. Martha Moreland, who opens the station for Amtrak and takes care of the needs of arriving and departing passengers.  Martha always greets me and all the Amtrak passengers with a smile, and always takes care of passenger needs. Whether it is information, assistance boarding, letting passengers know about train status, helping passengers arrange rides once arriving in Mineola, or just being there as a familiar caring face, Martha has made a difference in the lives of Amtrak passengers in Mineola. While hard to read, this picture of Martha cites her for receiving the Amtrak “President’s Service and Safety Award”. Wow! It could not have happened to a more deserving person. Next time I am in Mineola, I will offer her a free Lionel Polar Express Set or other children’s product. I know she has grandchildren. And grandkids love trains! All aboard!!

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Railroads Borrow Concept from Model Train Accessories

I was recently looking down at Union Pacific Railroad’s Miller Yard in Dallas, Texas- from the Loop 12 Highway bridge. I noticed this locomotive “engineer” was not in the cab of the locomotive. The cab was empty! I know railroads have been using this concept for several years but this was the first time I saw a railroad employee drive his train while not being in the cab. Come to think of it, isn’t remote control the entire concept around model train accessories, such as the MTH Electric Trains DCS Commander Controller also pictured? Hmmm….

46-A Union Pacific Railroad employee is driving his remote-controlled locomotive with a handheld devicerev

Union Pacific engineer drives his locomotive with a remote control device. Perhaps the idea came from model railroads?


MTH Trains DCS Commander Controller found on YourToyTrains MTH Accessories Page. $139.95.

Travel Tip for Dallas/Fort Worth Residents and Visitors: Loop 12 exits off Interstate Highway 45 about 5 miles south of Downtown Dallas. Drive east on Loop 12 to the bridge over the Union Pacific Railroad Miller Yard (Formerly Southern Pacific). There  is parking on the east side of the bridge by some older industrial businesses. I would visit the yard on Sunday when the businesses are closed. While the yard seems isolated from the surrounding community, it is not the best part of Dallas. Do not visit at night or go by yourself. The beautiful Trinity River Audubon Center has a visitor’s center and nature trails. The center is about a mile east of the railroad bridge. A popular place for visitors, the nature center is very safe and family friendly.

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Bachmann Thomas Trains: Look Under Bachmann HO For Kids> Bachmann HO Thomas

Posted on September 15, 2014 · Posted in About, Bachmann trains, Thomas products, YourToyTrain Products

Bachmann HO Thomas The Tank Engine. $45.99. One of 47 products on our Bachmann HO Thomas Page. Very exciting!


Bachmann HO Deluxe Thomas The Tank Engine Set. The whole railroad loaded in one box ready to dazzle your Little Railroader. $129.99.

Building a website with thousands of products makes for some interesting strategy. The whole idea will be to make our site intuitive and logical to make it easy for our customers to navigate our site. Of course, we will have a “search” function, but what if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for, but you have a general idea? For example, for Bachmann Thomas Trains in HO Scale our logical navigation intuitively takes you to the Bachmann HO Page. Logically Bachmann Thomas would be in our “Bachmann HO For Kids”. Clicking on “Bachmann HO For Kids’ there are two choices- “Bachmann HO Thomas Trains” and Bachmann HO Chuggington. But wait! Your ToyTrains has also engaged an outside website developer who will analyze our site for logical product placement, logical structure,  and intuitive navigation. While this product logical flow looks great to me, we are bringing in an extra “set of eyes” to look at our site. Why all this trouble and extra expense? We love trains! And to share our love of trains, we want you to love us too!

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Bachmann Freight cars imitate real life down here in Texas

Posted on September 12, 2014 · Posted in Bachmann trains, Model Train Stories, YourToyTrain Products

Bachmann N Scale Santa Fe Flat Car with Pipe Load ($14.99). While Santa Fe is no more, their successor BNSF is making a lot of money hauling oil.

70REV-Union Pacific Railroad (Former St. Louis-Southwestern Railway) Texarkana-Big Sandy-Tyler -Corsicana Route

The real world of trains mimics the model! Union Pacific Railroad intermodal train rolls through Corsicana, TX, on its way to the West Texas oil fields.

In our Bachmann N freight Cars Category we sell a Santa Fe flat car carrying a load of pipe. With the oil boom in progress out in West Texas in the Permian Basin, it is good times for the real Texas railroads. For example, while I was train-watching in Corsicana about a month ago I was able to photograph an entire trainload of pipe on the Union Pacific Railroad bound for the oil fields. Every day railroads are contributing to America’s energy independence by moving the pipe, oil, and frack sand necessary to end our dependence on foreign oil. Heck, railroads even haul those giant windmills on the big “windmill farms” on our Western prairies. Your own N Gauge model railroad can have its own Bachmann freight car carrying a load of pipe to your own oil field. We can take you as far as your imagination wants to go at

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Thanks to the Men and Women That Watch Our Back

Posted on September 11, 2014 · Posted in About, Discovering America

I will not use my message today to talk about trains. Although I dearly love trains, I wanted to take a minute to thank the men and women who daily go into harm’s way so the rest of us can go about our lives, raise our kids, and go to sleep in peace every night. He or she might be in your family. You may know one of these people from your work, your church or synagogue, or a neighbor. You may see these people in police cars and on fire trucks all over this great nation. We must all be grateful for our  Armed Forces, the Police, Fire Departments, Emergency responders, doctors and nurses, and all the other folks that keep an eye out for us. Day in, day out. Night in. Night out. To all you that sacrifice to protect our country from harm, a heartfelt salute from the folks at

5REV-United States Marines-Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery-Dallas,TX

United States Marines: A laugh from a group of gentlemen who are on guard for our freedom.

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